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Set Masters

415 Series Electronic Automatic Adjustable Setting Masters (4)

  • Automatic positioning feature is designed to set a wide variety of bore, groove and OD gages.? Even indicators and 3-point gages can be mastered.
  • A Heidenhain high precision optical scale is utilized to ensure highest accuracies
  • Safe and simple operation:? A zero setting? for any instrument can be made by just typing a desired value into unit.? CNC motorized movement makes this possible.
  • No need to purchase master rings or gage blocks
  • Wide range of adapters are offered to aid in setting many different types of devices
  • Ceramic reference pads come standard with the unit
  • Electronic LCD display
  • Stores up to 100 preset positions to set your most common gages
  • Remote PC control is possible
  • Store data via USB port
  • Special customized model are available.? Please contact Dyer Engineering for your specific needs.

Bore Gage Setting Masters, Large diameter, Small diameter (30)

Repeatable Mastering of Large Diameter Internal Gages Precise mastering of large diameters can be a challenge, particularly when Master Setting Rings are not available or too expensive. It is important that ID gages are repeatably set when using a setting master. Both the gage setup and the part measuring need to be Gage R & R capable. 400 Series Set Masters Each Set Master System includes:

  • Individual gage "setup" stand/fixture that can master a gage series in the horizontal or vertical axis position.
  • One (1) set of adjustable locating jaws that hold the gage's centering base in position mastering.
  • One (1) pair of carbide parallel anvils, lapped to precision grade gage block standards.

Ring Gage Set Masters in Steel, Chrome and Carbide (33)

  • All ring gages regardless of class are lapped to size and polished.
  • Non-gaging areas are black oxided and ring faces are surface ground.
  • Gage blanks meet all requirements of B47.1-198B.
  • Ring gages are manufactured in accordance with ANSI Specification B89.1.6-1984.
  • Roundness and taper of all gages will not exceed 50% of the applicable gage-maker's size tolerance and are non-accumulative.
  • Traceable certification and calibration available. Contact Dyer office.

Setting Discs in Steel and Chrome (33)

  • All gage master setting discs regard less of class are lapped to size and polished. Roundness and taper of all gages will not exceed 50% of the applicable gage maker's size tolerance and are non-accumulative.
  • Class XXX add 100% to XX class prices on sizes < 1.510", >1.5101 to 3.000" add 110% and > 3.00001" and above add 125%.
  • All inch master discs will be furnished with black insulators and metric sizes yellow insulators. Red and green available on request.