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All Categories > Bore Gages > 220, 222 and 225 Series - Tipping type Bore Gages 0.180" thru 31.5", Depths to 118"

220, 222 and 225 Series - Tipping type Bore Gages 0.180" thru 31.5", Depths to 118"

222 Series Short Handle Highest Accuracy Bore Gages, Large Range 0.180 - 31.500 inch (4.5 - 800 mm) (37)

Tipping style. Precision Bore Gages for IDs from 0.18- 31.50 inch (4-5-800 mm)

  • Oversize, retractable, spring-loaded centering base
  • Special designed segment to transfer the measurement
  • Invar steel handle for stability
  • When tipping the gage thru the reversal point, the operator sees an exact, repeatable and clearly visible reading
  • Customized standards include optional chrome centering base and ruby contacts.

225 Series Deep Reach, Long Handle Precision Bore Gages (90)

Measure I.D.’S from 0.18 inch to 31.5 inch (4.5 mm to 800.00 mm), Gages have large self-centering base

  • Single-unit shaft lengths for the highest degree of measuring accuracy
  • Inch/Metric. Convert by changing dial indicator
  • In-between and longer sizes quoted on request.
  • Large self-centering base RW 65, carbide ball contact points
  • Sealed construction, for use under dirty and oily conditions.