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All Categories > Bore Gages > 630 Series - Deep Bore Gages Up to 40 Feet Depth

630 Series - Deep Bore Gages Up to 40 Feet Depth

630 Series Deep Reach Electronic Bore Gages (4)

630 Series measuring heads reach up to 50 feet depths.

  • High accuracy, repeatability, long contact travel at up to 50 feet depths
  • Easy to use, no operator error, floating contact design moves easily in and out of bore
  • Fast accurate measurements, measuring head aligns automatically throughout the bore, and no operator error
  • Large measuring ranges
  • Cost justifiable system
  • Systems electronic indication has several options. Gage can be battery operated and completely portable.

Measuring Applications:
  • Measure Barrel ware Injection Molding Machines
  • Measure Barrel ware Food Processing Machines
  • Large and/or Bearing Surfaces
  • Irregular size deep holes.

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